57 New Celebrity Animal Look A Likes Prove People Look Like Animals

There’s a point at which we can’t help but believe that Mother Nature’s laziness took a rare foothold while designing all creatures great and small.

Somewhere after about the millionth insect species cobbled together over the course of a few million years since dinosaurs ruled the Earth or the 10,000th arachnid woven from fresh nightmares and instilled “NOPE”, she understandably just ran out of ideas. It happens. This is how we get palette-swapped enemies filling out several levels at a time of old-school video games and a half-dozen voice actors portraying most of the characters in “Fallout 3”.

This, though? Yeesh. She apparently just grabbed an issue of “Entertainment Weekly” while in a rut, worked a little Photoshop voodoo, and voila! We have the high-damn-larious template causing several actual canine faces to vaguely resemble Snoop Dogg’s doofy, zonked grin. Ha. Gotta give her credit, though: the caterpillar resembling Donald Trump’s coif suggests the lady’s #FeelingTheBern these days.

Source – Bored Panda

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