NFL Bad Lip Reading 2016 Compilation Returns Funnier Than Ever

Superbowl 2016 is happening! While some of you may be bigger fans than the guy sitting next you, others only put up with the the occasional football action for the awesome Superbowl commercials mixed in after every 50 seconds of action. No matter what kind of fan [or not] you are of the sport, there is no denying that this compilation of bad lip reading by none other than Bad Lip Reading you tube masters is perhaps one of the funniest twists on words ever compiled for the game. You’d swear these players, coaches and teammates are spewing the spit they’re chewing.

Let’s face it guys and girls, we wish this was what they were saying because quite honestly it would make for a much more interesting game 89% of the time. So sit back and get ready to be entertained with this years 2016 NFL bad lip reading parts 1 and parts 2. We dare you to not laugh.

Game On!

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