29 Art-lovers Encounter Their Museum Doppelgangers, Possibly Prove Existence Of Time Lords

Generations before the Kardashians and Jenners infuriated the length and breadth of humanity with their mere existence, consummate master painters the world over had long since uplifted portraiture to an elegant art form.

What, you believed your parents and grandparents when they groused that they grew up in a time before relentless obsession over countless superlative selfies? When capturing one’s definitive personal essence within a single image wasn’t a quintessential status symbol?

Here’s a thought: sit your elders down with these folks who happened upon exquisite museum-quality honorariums seemingly paying homage to those destined to live and die centuries downstream from the artists themselves.

Sorry to interrupt your cantankerous generational persecution, baby-boomers. You were rambling about nobody giving a fig a hundred years from now about our generation’s perfected duck-faces and painstakingly selected Snapchat filters, because our self-portraits only entertain us. Please, continue.

Source – Bored Panda

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