Razer Wolverine Ultimate Is The World’s Most Customizable Gaming Controller For PC & Xbox

Whether you own a PC or Xbox, or both, no doubt the name ‘Razer’ is familiar to you, it should be, especially if you are a gamer? The company Razer is well-known for producing all kinds of gaming accessories for gamers, in fact, many gamers do not settle for anything less than Razer products such as gaming controllers.

Well, there is a lot of excitement in the gaming community right now because of the new game controller that was just released – the Razer Wolverine Ultimate. It is definitely a controller that will strike fear into your online opponents, as the company boasts that it is the most customize-able controller in the world for PC and Xbox.

It has two interchangeable D-Pads, interchangeable thumbsticks, and 6 remappable buttons and triggers, so that it can effortlessly adapt to meet the needs of any players’ game style. For competitive online multiplayers, this is a ‘must-have’ controller, if you want an edge over the competition?

This premium game controller is a product of much feedback from pro-gamers the world over, and it is expected to be a standard piece of equipment for every ‘serious’ gamer, especially for those aspiring to be a pro-gamer.

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