Stamplifier Turns Almost Any Photo Into A Custom Rubber Stamp

Have you ever been stamping with a boring old rubber stamp and thought, “*sigh* I wish they made a stamp of my face.” If this sounds like you, then we have the answer. This custom made product puts your face (or your dog’s face we won’t judge) onto your very own rubber stamp. All you need to do is send in a photo then kick your feet up and wait.

For the quality and likeness that these stamps possess, it’s hard to believe that they are each handmade. But, indeed they are. Once you send in your stamp, the talented artists will process it and turn it into a realistic rubber stamp just like they have for over 2000 others. You send in a clear picture and they will do all the editing and processing before eventually turning it into a stamp. It is then attached to a wooden block to hold and provide durability. As a bonus, the image of your stamp will be laser engraved onto the wooden block so it will be easy to find.

Stamplifier does a great job creating custom rubber stamps from the image that you provide. The custom stamp makes a great gift for a coworker, friend, significant other, or yourself. Better yet, make a scrapbooker’s day with this one of a kind gift. Get a set made of the whole family to make the memories last! Great as a gift or to keep, you won’t be disappointed by the Stamplifier custom rubber stamp.

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