Giant Jellyfish Pool Float Turns You Into A Spineless Floating Blob (Woohoo!)

Ever wanted to go floating through Jellyfish Fields with Spongebob? With this giant jellyfish float you might just be able to blend in. Great for a fun day at the pool, lake, or even the ocean, this float lets you lie around and lazily let the water take you where it will.

Measuring in at just over 4 feet wide, when we say this float is giant we mean it. Shaped similarly to a standard inner tube, this giant jelly lets you lay back, stand up, or hold on to the sides to float in whatever way you choose. No worries, this one doesn’t sting. Semi-translucent purple, pink, and blue paint the body and dangling arms of this magnificent sea creature. Numerous arms decorated in spots, stripes, and colors hang from the bottom of the float to add to the appeal and make it more jellyfish-like. Crafted from durable vinyl, this jelly won’t disintegrate when it dries out when the fun in the water is over.

For ease, the float is blown up via a standard valve. You can blow it up by mouth, but we recommend finding a pump to make your life easier. It might take a while to try and get this giant full of air. Once you’re done though, it’s easy to deflate the jelly and store for next time. Its large size makes it perfect for adults and kids alike. Everyone will have fun floating and swimming through the arms. For more fun, use it as a prop for pool games and let your imagination run wild. However you decide to use it, the giant jellyfish pool float is sure to please.

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A giant blast!

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