Solar System Glow-In-The-Dark Bottle Stoppers Put A Cosmic Spin On Wine Night

What pairs well with your favorite glass of vino? Your favorite celestial bodies! Say goodbye to the boring cork or plastic bottle stopper and say hello to these unique space themed stoppers instead. A great gift for wine lovers and space lovers alike, these handmade pieces are sure to please.

For a unique variety and 100% original way to close off your favorite bottle, these planetary stoppers are just the trick. Each one is hand crafted in China (not your typical ‘made in China’) by glass blowing artisans. For those who aren’t familiar, glass blowing is an ancient art where glass is heated in a kiln until it reaches over 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. There, it is in its molten state and allows artists to form it to create beautiful designs and objects. Attaching it to a long, straw-like pole, they blow air into the liquid glass until it takes on the spherical shape of the planets. Due to this unique process, each one is slightly different in the way it is marbled and colored.

Currently, there are six different stoppers available to buy. No matter what your favorite celestial body is, you’ll enjoy these stoppers. Choose from: Earth, the Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, and the Sun. Each of the stoppers is unique in its own way and carefully designed to create a truly original product. As a bonus, a luminescent powder is mixed in with the glass as it is melted so that the planet atop the stopper glows in the dark when it is shaped and hardened. It comes shipped in a beautiful box with a cloth display inside so it comes ready to gift as soon as it arrives. For a truly out of this world item, these planetary stoppers are the way to go.

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