Star Wars Sarlacc Pit Pillow Is A Great Place For Your Little Jedi or Boba Fett To Play

Fans of Star Wars know to steer far clear of the massive Sarlacc pits lest they be dragged in by the tendrils and slowly tortured like Boba Fett. Unlike the hungry pits of Tatooine, this pillow is 100% safe for your young one and guaranteed not to eat them. We can’t say the same about the dog though… if those barks are keeping you up at night you may want to try putting a treat on it and see what happens.

This handmade item is made as you order it so each one is unique. For safety and softness it is crafted from cotton, polyester, and minky (soft blankety material). Trust us, that material is much better than the real one which could take a thousand years to digest the kid. A great place to put your child for playtime or to relax while you get some work done, this pillow is a comfortable and geeky addition to your home. The inner part has a diameter of about 13 inches while the entire pillow has a diameter of about 36 inches. It measures approximately 6-8 inches high so it isn’t incredibly easy to crawl out of, but it is possible. The entire thing is machine washable in cold water in case any accidents happen. Since this product is handmade be sure to allow about 4-6 weeks for creation and shipping if you’re ordering it for a gift.

As an added bonus, two soft handles make it easy to fold the pillow up and carry it from place to place. For parents who need a quick, soft place for the kiddo to play, this is a great option. So what are you waiting for? Buy or buy not, there is no wait.

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