Personalized Whiskey Barrels Age Impeccable Spirits In Limited, Private Batches Just For You

Aging your own whiskey is a fascinating, intricate process of finely and patiently crafting an immaculate flavor profile like no other. These Personalized Whiskey Barrels etch your petitely proportioned liquor with an inimitable stamp befitting a most distinguished taste and serving as a reminder to your guests that they’re sipping something truly special.

That’s the beauty of diminutive batches such as the sizes these miniature oak barrels accommodate: prized by masterful distillers the world over, the premium wood imbues the same optimal flavor as their full-size counterparts used in professional distilleries, but the spirits within reach their prime up to 10 times faster. Three key compounds sew a fine tapestry of flavors that set oak an unmistakable cut above any other barrel. Lignin imparts notes of marzipan and vanilla. Lactones lend buttery coconut flavors. Last, but not least, tannins sear an oak-aged whiskey with a satisfyingly spicy, astringent personality. The end product is a rich, complex thing of beauty.

After curing your Personalized Whiskey Barrel according to the included instructions for three to five days in preparation for its first use, we recommend tasting the aging contents weekly after turning the vessel, preferably by savoring a glass pulled straight from its tap. Every last barrel is handmade with the utmost pride by coopers in Manassas, VA. Please, enjoy the spoils of your labor responsibly.

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