Giant Yeti Snow Tube Rampages Through Every Winter Wonderland In Its Path

This Giant Yeti Snow Tube confirms what we have always believed in our childlike hearts: there is no cryptozoological wonder more misunderstood than the poor Abominable Snowman.

As the legend we totally didn’t just now make up goes, those who best the Yeti in a best-of-three Twister duel will win his undying friendship. He will demonstrate his resolute loyalty by inviting you to sit atop his massive backside as he slides on his belly through the newfallen snow of a Himalayan mountainside. Your brand-new hirsute companion may begin texting you every Thursday to join him for karaoke. Always say “yes.” You have to hear his version of “The Way We Were” to believe it.

It isn’t that unlike the experience of an afternoon sledding atop the four-foot-long Giant Yeti Snow Tube – the part about plummeting down snowy slopes, anyway. For that matter, there is a strong argument that the heavy-gauge PVC vinyl construction and sturdy RF-welded seams are about as tough as Yeti hide. Once the ride picks up steam, the appropriately durable handles keep steering both comfortable and manageable.

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