Olo Smartphone 3D Printer Is Professional 3D Printing For Only $99 That Fits In Your Pocket

The popularity of 3D printing is everywhere, it is truly amazing technology that is changing the world. Could you image, what would happen if billions of people had their own 3D printers that they could use to print… anything they wanted, that would really change the world in unbelievable ways.

Well, it is unbelievable, because now 2.2 billion people on this planet that use smartphones now have personal access to affordable 3D printing; a 3D mini-printer that uses the white light in smartphones – Olo, and it work with any size smartphone, to print small objects using an app that syncs with it.

You can choose from many, many things to print from Olo’s stock designs, or you can use an app to scan your own things to print! Or, you can choose from nearly unlimited designs that have been created and shared online. It’s amazing the rate at which people are creating and sharing 3D designs you can print, and Olo has a battery of its own, which makes 3D printing possible wherever you go.

Now, if something breaks in your home, car or work, it is possible that you could print a replacement instead of going to the store and buying new one! Welcome to the future – now.

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Olo-3D Printer

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Powered by your smartphone, 3D printing is accessible to anyone

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