GoTenna Off-Grid Network To Text & Share Your GPS Location Up To 4 Miles Away

If you get frustrated when there is no signal on your smartphone or tablet, and you ‘need’ to text message or locate someone, then you are not alone. Many people find themselves In this very situation while engaging in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or while driving far away from urban areas, out of cell service range. Thankfully, someone has done something about it.

GoTenna Text – a mobile signal device that allows you to share your location with anyone in range, which makes it easy to find someone who is lost or needs help. Using an app on your tablet or smartphone, you can located your friends or send them text message up to two miles or more, depending on your location, even when no network is available. This is extremely helpful for those in mountainous or wilderness areas.

It’s slim, small and looks much like a memory stick in shape and size, and it can share GPS locations with others who have GoTenna. Basically, if you are a wilderness person who likes the ‘great outdoors’ then never travel alone, or without it, it could easily save your life.

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