Minecraft 3D Wall Art Creates A Portal To Mine More Gold

Minecraft-3D-Wall-Decal (6)To name a franchise that has equaled the appeal of MINECRAFT to such a broad age range from elementary-age children to adults that wouldn’t otherwise even consider themselves “casual” gamers, you would have to venure back to the pre-CD console era. Since blocky builder Steve has no doubt earned a place beside the likes of Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and Pac-Man as an icon of his gaming generation, it seems fitting to pay some respect to with this two-pack of MINECRAFT Vinyl Wall Hangings.

When one surveys the many monuments painstakingly created by the MINECRAFT community amidst the PC and console versions alike, one thing becomes abundantly apparent: the possibilities end only where the player’s imagination ceases to conjure something to make. Whether you’re young and old, keep that spirit of imagination alive in a young would-be Steve’s bedroom, in your grown-up gaming den, or anywhere you could do with a little inspiration and fewer Creepers.

These hangings go up and come down easily on nearly any smooth wall one could find. Guaranteed, you’ll never damn Steve for leaving behind scuffs or residue after finding a home wherever you decide he’d fit. Unfortunately, as with most similar vinyl hangings, these don’t tend to hang consistently on textured walls.
Minecraft-3D-Wall-Decal (7)Minecraft-3D-Wall-Decal (2)Minecraft-3D-Wall-Decal (8)Minecraft-3D-Wall-Decal (4)Minecraft-3D-Wall-Decal (5)Minecraft-3D-Wall-Decal (3)Minecraft-3D-Wall-Decal (9)

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