Tail Lights Rider Safety System Adds LED Lights To Horses Butts

The Tail Lights Rider Safety System illuminates a welcome peace of mind for horses, their riders and motorists with a single convenient safety system.

Horses are about as serious a potential roadway hazard in your typical metropolitan area as volcanoes, the Loch Ness Monster, and roving bands of Super Mutants. Rural areas present an entirely differnt set of day-to-day conditions. Whether ridden singularly or teamed to pull carriages by Amish and Menonite communities, horses and their owners share remote backroads and country highways about as frequently in some agrarian portions of the United States as often as cyclists and skateboarders in suburbs and cities nationwide.

For animals of such size and grace, horses unfortunately become exponentially more difficult to spot after nightfall, too often leading to thousands of tragic and deadly accidents each year. The unique Tail Lights system attaches one breast collar light and four rear LED stands providing adjustable Low, Medium or High-brightness in multiple patterns and color choices (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink or White) activated by a remote keychain. If riding bareback, the front light clips just as easily to the rider’s belt or pack.

There’s no more convenient way to saddle up safely when sharing the road.



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LED Lights
LED Lights
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Makes The Road A More Welcome Place For Horses Everywhere

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