Millennium Falcon 3D Night Light Crashes Our Walls, Fresh Off The Kessel Run

Hey! You! Yes, you – the nerf-herder with the wookie. By our watch, you have about three parsecs to either cough some insurance information up or extract the Millennium Falcon from our wall before we flag down the first Imperial Starcruiser we can hail to haul your ship off to the first Hutt with two credits to rub together!

Hey, a still-better idea: just so happens, we know a timid youngling that’s half-terrified of the Dark Side, and we’re not talking Sith, here. A low-power LED retrofit here, a tasteful streaking-flame decal there, and we become the first Rebels on the planet with a Millennium Falcon Three-Dimensional Night Light.

Meanwhile, you and the growling carpet don’t get fitted for carbonite PJs and we leave you to find your own way back onto the Kessel Run. What say you, Solo?Millenium Falcon Night Light 3Millennium_Falcon_Deco_Light_05Millenium Falcon Night Light 4Millenium Falcon Night Light 2

Source – Gizmodo via 3D Deco

7.5 Total Score
More awesome than flying out of a Exogorth!

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