Kahtoola Footwear Traction Gives Ultimate Grip When Hiking On Ice

Once we get past the joyful warmth and goodwill of Christmas and the let-it-all-hang-out-and-put-the-pics-on-Instagram hedonism of New Year’s Eve, winter can be a cruel beast that makes us all pay for that respite in metric-tons of snow shoveled and epic gymnastic face-plants on icy pavement.

We’ve savoring every drop of pumpkin-spice everything that we can between now and December. After that, we dine in frozen Hell.

We can’t pyrokinetically melt the snow, sleet and ice with our thoughts – yet – but fortunately, Kahtoola has emerged with a few high-end tools for winter survival.

Yes, the name sounds like your sainted Nana reading H.P. Lovecraft story aloud at bedtime and struggling to nail pronouncing “Cthulu” – by the way, if your Nana read you Lovecraft at bedtime, we want her to be our Nana too – but they specialize in hiking accessories battle-tested to face the world’s most brutally frigid environments and terrain and make a gooky face.

Enjoy unmatched firm-footed confidence when the air turns cold and ice reclaims the Earth. The flexibility of Kahtoola Hiking Crampons provide solid, trail-ready balance with just the right “bend” while still firmly gripping the ground. Slide them easily on and off the winter footwear of your choice to walk tall anywhere.

Kahtoola MICROspikes® lend your footwear the rugged traction of chains on snow-tires. With no buckles or straps to tinker with, they’ll dramatically improve traction with universal compatibility with any and all seasonal footwear. Worthy winnters of the 2012 Backpacker Magazine Gold Editor’s Choice Award, Kahtoola MICROspikes® reign over ice, sleet and snow as winter’s undefeated rival.

Like many emerging clothing and outfitting brands, Kahtoola is a company with a conscience. Kahtoola for the People is an advisory board-guided company program dedicated to providing organizations devoted to preserving indigenous mountain cultures around the world with valuable grant contributions.Kahtoola Footwear Traction 2Kahtoola Footwear Traction 1Kahtoola Footwear Traction 9Kahtoola Footwear Traction 7Kahtoola Footwear Traction 3
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