Kylo Ren Light-Up Chop Sabers Slices Through Sushi Like A Sith Lord Should

Star Wars Meets The Sushi Bar!

Sure. Go ahead. Tell us all about how a real equivalent to these Kylo Ren Light-Up Chop Sabers would never work because they would “slice right through the sushi.”

No, we aren’t being sarcastic. That’s actually a great point. It’s also a crying shame. We didn’t think there was any limit to what science-defying weaponized light could accomplish. We’ll just have to settle for these far more elegant utensils befitting Asian dining experiences from a more civilized age. At least these battery-powered replicas faithfully recreate the look of a menacing Sith apprentice’s weapon, even if they, unfortunately, don’t make a sweet droning sound every time we scoop up a spicy tuna roll or a scrumptious mouthful of noodles.

On the bright side, they make for quite an impressive flourish when one shot of sake too many renders us unable to use them as traditionally intended and we have to resort to stabbing angrily at our food.

Only a true Jedi master can use these, unlike a clumsy knife, fork and spoon. Officially licensed by Disney, they glow red when you push the button. Don’t worry, its a safe light, they won’t sear your tongue off like a real light saber would. Featuring Kylo Ren’s cross-guard, these will also be able to be taken apart pretty easy so they can be washed, by hand only.

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