Spare Me Rescue Tool Is A Complete 5-In-1 Automotive Multi-Tool

When it gets cold outside – snowing cold, then you must know what it is like to remove frost off your windshield? It’s not easy without a decent ice scraper, to say the least. Driving in the snow can also be a pain, especially if you get stuck because your vehicle tire spins without traction.

Well, there is a tool that can you can store in your vehicle that will ‘spare’ you a lot of frustrations when the temperature drops to freezing, and you need to scrap ice off your windshield, or to dig a tire out of the snow, it’s called the Spare Me Auto Rescue Tool.

Spare Me is a multi-purpose 5-in-1 tool that no vehicle owner should be without come winter. It is an effective ice scraper, a shovel, a traction wedge that you place under your tire to get out of snow and mud, the hollow hand can be placed over a tire wrench for extra leverage, and it serves a helpful tire lift when you need to a few inches to lift a spare onto the lug bolts.

So, if you want to ‘spare’ yourself some frustrations this winter on the road, make sure you bring along a Spare Me.

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