Hydro-Ball Wind Spinner Decorative Fountain Creates A Kinetic Art Show For Your Yard

Maintaining a yard doesn’t have to be boring and lots of work, that’s why there is creative kinetic yard art like the Hydro-Ball Wind Spinner that helps you water your grass and flower beds.

Artfully combining a bronze metal sculptural wind spinner with a water sprinkler, whimsical kinetic yard art is created that not only waters your lawn and garden, but it is memorizing to watch, even when the water is turned off.

Setting-up and using it is simple because the base of the spinner has four yard spikes that easily anchors it into the ground, and then all you have to do is connect a standard garden hose. That’s when the fun begins! It spins and pivots as water flows out of the holes in its outer rings and holes in the center that cause the spinner’s inner spiral to move.

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Attach a garden hose and streams of water spray from tiny holes in outer rings

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