50oz Doctor Who TARDIS Stein Is Bigger On The Inside For More Beer

Devils run when a good man goes to war, and some of us need a bit of liquid courage to jump into the fray. Luckily you can toss it back with this Doctor Who TARDIS stein. Standing nine inches tall you can be sure to let everyone know you are a true Whovian that also appreciates a tasty beverage. It only seems bigger on the inside because it holds 50 oz of your favorite drink. Now you can rehydrate after a terrifying evening with the Weeping Angels or running from those egg-beater wielding Daleks. They are egg-beaters you know?

This beautifully crafted ceramic mug is wonderfully appointed with the details of the big blue box we all have come to recognize and love. While the stein is made from the highest quality ceramic the mug, it is not microwave or dishwasher safe and should only be hand washed. So fill a stein with your favorite brew, and head to a time and place where either of your hearts desires. Geronimo!

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So beautiful it could move a weeping angel

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