HeroMods Turns You Into A 3D Action Figure Bringing Your Inner Child’s Dreams To Life

Nerdy love speaks a colorful language all its own. We express the pitter-patter of our hearts in personal, creative ways that enough flowers to fill a meadow could never equal.

February being a month given to lavish, effusive material displays of affection, many of you no doubt have a significant other of kitschy proclivities that leave you always unsure of your gift-giving wisdom. Sure, you could scour the length and breadth of the internet in search of that perfect mint-in-box Deadpool or Star Wars collectible figure guaranteed to send your Fonfon Ru’s jaw falling to the floor.

On the other hand, you could send a few photos of your personal Superman or Wonder Woman to HeroMods, make a few simple style choices, and the ultimate one-of-a-kind action figure will soon find its way to your door.

Seriously. From your end, it doesn’t get much simpler. Start by choosing your armor from six detailed settings, a name that rings with heroism or villainy, and a custom color scheme of your liking. Next, take a few quality front and side-profile photos as references for the head. Finally, check whether or not your action figure should be designed with glasses. That’s it.

HeroMods will take it from there. An advanced 3D printing process will then create your personalized hero or villain, which arrives in a sleek, protective clear capsule with a magnetic base. In the very near future, you can even order unique figures based on Jacob and Evie Frye’s Victorian character designs from the acclaimed stealth-action video game “Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.”

It’s a gift so damn cool, you might not stop at ordering just one.

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