Star Cars Darth Vader Truck Hauls All Your Star Wars Toys & Leaves Tonka Trucks In The Dust

Hey, Vader! Your mother was a Tonka!

You know, it’s a damn fortunate thing for Anakin Skywalker had supreme command over the Force going for him. That’s about the only variable that stood between being reborn as Darth Vader, ruthless and fearsome Sith Lord, and Amputee Ani, the crispy, limbless cripple.

Luckily, his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn’t the only one for whom being struck down was an invitation to become more powerful than we could ever imagine. Thanks to Emperor Palpatine’s own personal Geek Squad and the kind of reconstructive surgery that would make Robocop uneasy, Anakin’s transformation furthered his evolution into a being so intimidating, anything styled after the look of his armor instantly became magnitudes cooler by association.

We aren’t just talking sports cars or motorcycles, either. When your face makes even a children’s toy just a bit more awesome, you have transcended “badass.”

Japan’s adorable Star Cars Darth Vader Truck just might be the cutest peace of licensed merchandise we’ve ever wished we could buy seven-year-old clones of ourselves. The little carrier not only bears down on anything in its path with Vader’s own legendary menacing visage, but it also ports around little “Star Wars”-themed cars including a Chewbacca truck, two Stormtroopers, a miniature replica of the Darth Vader Truck itself, and other vehicles modeled after Yoda, R2-D2, and C-3PO. From the looks of it,

Leave it to Japan to get yet another toy we want. Fortunately, we stateside “Star Wars” collectors aren’t entirely out in the cold: the Star Cars Darth Vader Truck is currently available for about $46 on Amazon.









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