Heavy Metal Barbed Wire Guitar Brings Danger To Every Strum

Some one finally did it – printed a metal guitar, in fact, it is the first 3D printed aluminum guitar ever made. The intricacy of the design has demonstrated the limits of 3D printing, using an EOS M400 metal additive manufacturing system, and the results are amazing.

Attached to the originally designed barbed wire and rose inlaid aluminium printed body are well-known guitar parts, such as a Warmoth custom neck, Shaller bridge, Seymour Duncan pickups and Gotoh 510 mini locking tuners. Once all the components are united, the finished metal guitar is nothing less than a musical piece of art that you can use to play ‘Heavy Metal’!

Produced by ODD Guitars, by a fellow named Olaf Diegel – a Swedish professor who has a whole line of awesome guitars, 3D guitars have become the ideal way for musicians to truly express themselves and the music they make, as any imagined design can now be printed into a guitar.

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