Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones Is The Ammo You Need To Give Drinks A Bigger Bang

We’re going out on a limb here and assuming most of you, our readers, have seen “The Crow”. That scene in which T-Bird’s gang sits around a dingy barroom table downing shots topped off with rounds of live ammunition? Yeah, don’t do that. Like, ever. Things designed to kill other human beings are usually fashioned from things that really don’t belong in human digestive tracts. You might think you’re cutting a fine figure of a badass, but you’re really just bucking to be the guy to whom the ER doctor has to ask while treating your metallic bowel obstruction, “Now, talk me through your ‘logic’ one more time: you gulped down bullets because…?”

Now, if you prefer your whiskey chilled but die a little inside at the thought of watering down top-shelf spirits with piles of ice, these Bullet-Shaped Stainless Steel Whiskey Cubes are downright magical. Sipping stones are all the rage these days among stylish connoisseurs of fine libations, but “stones” shaped like rifle ammunition and fashioned from 304 stainless steel lends something just a cut above while still chilling any drink to perfection in about three to four minutes. Your alkie ammo is guaranteed not to corrode or rust and holds its cold as dependably as you hold your liquor. Maybe better.

Every set includes six Bullet-Shaped Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones, a pair of tongs, and one swank black drawstring bag for elegant storage.

Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones (3)Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones (4)Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones (5)Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones (1)Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones (2)Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones (6)Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones (7)

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