Head Case Luggage Covers Puts Any Face On Your Baggage

Makes The Airport Baggage Claim Fun Again!

Airline employees have hurled the same tired excuse after misplacing someone’s luggage: “We apologize, but many bags look alike.” Here’s an ingenious means of circumventing that steaming mug of placating crap: Head Case personalized case covers wrap your luggage in a massive wrap-around portrait of your choosing.

You decorated your bag with a festive pin or some little flourish of ribbon that only you would know to look for, but nobody reminded you that millions of travelers every year have the precisely the same idea. To make matters worse, those little identifying accents can easily be knocked off during loading and unloading or inconveniently obscured while you aimlessly scan the carousel for your belongings. Trust us, there is absolutely no overlooking a Head Case.

After you upload a high-quality custom photo of any face you like and choose one of their three available sizes, Firebox will take care of the rest. In addition to being charmingly distinctive, your Head Case’s ultra-flexible polyester spandex to will comfortably accommodate your bag with several strategically placed openings for handle access and wheels.

Try submitting a selfie with an expression that proudly says, “Your skin would make a lovely duvet.” When it comes rumbling down the belt, you might not have to worry about elbowing through a wall of weary travelers just to nab your stuff.

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