Cordless Heated Blanket Keeps You Warm For All Your Outdoor Events

By a wide margin, football is easily the most physically uncomfortable sport to enjoy as a live spectator. At any level, the sport’s intense gladiatorial energy shares an indelible bond with a rugged pride born of clashing violently in much of North America’s most seasonally distasteful weather. As avowed nerds, not one of us holds a Doctorate in gridiron history, but the entire spectrum of “great football weather” appears to extend between a 50-percent chance of rain and biblical flooding improbably followed by a dawning new ice age.

Whether your agenda this season extends to high school, college or National Football League schedules, Hammacher Schlemmer’s exclusive Cordless Heated Blanket just might be as essential a part of an enjoyable game day as ample beer, an appreciation for the fine art of body painting and the survival sense not to shout “Patriots rule!” in any crowd outside New England.

An old-fashioned electric blanket is a cozy thing of beauty when the mercury goes into a five-month sustained nosedive, as long as one enjoys access to a convenient AC outlet. Sadly, that rules them out of being worth toting into virtually any stadium. Hammacher Schlemmer’s generously spacious blanket heats up in no time to a maximum temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit with help from a surprisingly lightweight battery pack and an embedded network of infinitesimal wires within its smooth, featherweight material. If that seems a bit too warm for your liking, the handheld controller offers a total of three temperature settings to enjoy for anywhere from 90 minutes to two and a half hours of the rechargeable 4400mAh Li-Polymer battery’s charge.

Don’t sweat the wet stuff, either. The machine-washable and extremely durable Cordless Heated Blanket’s knack for shedding water makes it a perfect companion for any chilly setting.

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