GlowStone Self-Heating Smart Mug Keeps Drinks Hot To Enjoy A Piping-Hot Cuppa

The GlowStone self-heating smart mug embodies every reason why we will always readily throw the support of the Unique Hunters name behind the pursuit of better tea and coffee through science.

We never enjoy being rushed through our steamy morning indulgences – or the hot beverage we sip in bed afterwards. Hey-o! Fortunately, this exquisite fine bone china drinkware lets us breathe a little easier knowing its superb craftsmanship and ingenious technology maintain the perfect sipping temperature of our favorite sunrise cuppa for a whole extra hour while optimizing any drink’s peak flavor.

There is no button to press, switch to flip or anything to plug in before enjoying the GlowStone straight out of the box. When the cup’s embedded light bar turns red, you know your drink is at its prime hotness, neither scaldingly hot nor dreadfully cold. Incredibly, the base will remain cool to the touch throughout the mug’s heating cycle and never inflict heat damage on any surface. To refresh its power, set your GlowStone atop the included QI smart coaster and go about your day.

The only thing more remarkable about GlowStone’s distinguished core technology than its dependable effectiveness is the cup’s incredible design. When you slip your hand through the ergonomically inspired handle and marvel at the satisfying balance of its robust-yet-lightweight body, one quickly wonders how we could ever go back to nursing our java from anything less.

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