OneManBand (OMB) Helps You Be A Rockstar All on Your Own With Automatic Background Tracks

Ever been stuck in a mood where you’re ready to jam out, but you’re the only one ready to? We’ve all been there and experienced the frustration of not having a backup band to play with. Well now with the OneManBand (OMB) you’ll never be stuck without backup again. This revolutionary technology works seamlessly with your own guitar and syncs up background instruments to play along with you in real time. You’ll be able to put on a show like never before or write original songs with more instruments at your disposal than ever before.+

To keep your music fully supported, the OMB utilizes capacitive touch and induction technology to translate movements of your fingers on the strings to a seamless MIDI signal. This allows for latency free backup music from nearly any instrument to accompany your real-time playing. Or if you’re in the mood for some piano or violin, just play your guitar and hear the sound of whatever instrument you select. Set your backup instruments on a loop to play continuously while you shake things up on the strings or leave your guitar in the background while the others keep playing. The limit is your creativity.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this product is its recording capabilities. The OMB can be set to record music from your session (even your own songs) and store them for editing through programs including Cubase, Ableton, Garageband, and more! The capacitive touch converts your playing into MIDI files allowing you to edit and create music without backup members.
Rock on dude! The OMB attaches to the neck of your guitar using 3M adhesive backing and a small wire soldered to the end of each fret and only takes about 15 minutes. While it’s easy enough to do on your own, most guitar shops can also perform the installation. If you decide to remove the OMB from your guitar it has been tested to ensure that it will leave no damage or markings behind.

For the guitar collector or to skip installation altogether, there are several buying options available to take advantage of the OMB technology. An upgrade kit which includes the adhesive strip, soldering materials, the hub for output, and the app. However, music fans can also take advantage of the OMB guitar that comes preinstalled with the technology and is ready to go right out of the box. You can also take advantage of the wireless foot pedal that connects via Bluetooth and allows you to control the integration of your music with the backup.

With so many ways to up your music game, order your very own OneManBand today and keep rockin’! No backup musicians required.


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