Chef’s Edition Spartan Knife Block Is Fit For Those Who Dine In Hell

We were warned that the knives of the Iron Chefs would blot out the sun. First, we asked ourselves, “Who actually just tosses cutlery into the air? Does that strike anybody else as absurdly and unnecessarily dangerous?” Once we ceased taking the glib movie reference so literally, we smirked and retorted, “Then we shall mince in the shade.”

Now, we would certainly hope you never have to evade incoming kitchen knives. However, should you ever find yourself with reservations to dine in Hell, let this Chef’s Edition Spartan Knife Block and Set assure you that its indomitable shield will offer a fine home to any blade, whether your own or that of a crazed culinary maestro who turns out to be a bit of a “thrower” when someone orders a well-done steak.

Handcrafted by Missing Digit Woodshop right here in the USA, this defensively postured Spartan soldier is fashioned from top-quality American black walnut and maple woods that are as handsome as they are hardy. Each block sheaths a seven-piece knife set consisting of an eight-inch chef’s knife, seven-inch santoku, 5.5-inch utility knife, six-inch boning knife, 3.5-inch paring knife, and the trusted companion of any Spartan who prizes the tools of his trade, an eight-inch sharpener.

When you regularly find yourself feeding an army, accept nothing less than the Chef’s Edition Spartan Knife Block and Set.

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Get Ready For A Food Battle

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