Ride-On Loader & Backhoe Brings The Thrill Of Earth Moving Heavy Machinery To A Backyard Sandbox Near You

Maybe it’s explainable by little more than the whole “being really tiny and envying the big, cool adults” thing, but there’s just something about commanding heavy machinery that draws children like flies to honey. By that comparison, Hammacher Schlemmer’s Ride-On Loader and Backhoe lives up to every bit of the fantasy of picking up impressive quantities of something with ridiculous ease and depositing it somewhere else without breaking a sweat.

This pedal-powered articulated apparatus actually operates in an impressively similar manner to the real deal, complete with handles and levers sized just right for smaller hands to push and pull comfortably. Your diminutive construction crew can effortlessly navigate and haul loads across any construction site while warning bystanders to clear a path by sounding the steering wheel’s horn en route. Just like full-size industrial equipment, this is for Ages 3 and up and measures 71 1/2″ L x 26″ W x 17 1/4″ H. (18 1/2 lbs). The Ride-On Loader and Backhoe can also take quite a beating for years on end, thanks to the high-impact resin body and oversized tires with ultra-resilient rubberized treads for guaranteed traction on pavement, dirt, grass or sand. When climbing into and out of the vehicle’s adjustable seat, the locking kickstand maintains stability pint-sized drivers need to avoid a spill, and a fully enclosed chain drive system keeps stray pant legs from catching in the works while pedaling.

Thanks to Hammacher Schlemmer’s Ride-On Loader and Backhoe, your yard will be one union meeting away from being indistinguishable from a real-life construction or excavation site.

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