BruMate Hopsulator Koozie Keeps Your Drink 20x Colder Than Ice, Ice, Baby

Beer lovers unite. Actually, anyone who would rather drink a cold drink than a lukewarm one unite! The concept of a can koozie has been around for decades (since 1981 in fact). A neoprene sleeve that wraps around your can to help keep it cold. While this may help keep your hands dry and maybe keep an already cold can cool for a little longer, drinks still end up getting warm before you can finish them. That’s where the Hopsulator 3 in 1 comes in. A mash up of hops and insulator, the freshly reimagined can koozie is designed to keep your favorite canned beverage frosty cold for a lot longer than the other guys.

No longer is the koozie a simple neoprene sleeve. The Hopsulator takes the science of keeping a can cold to a whole new level (seriously, they used some SCIENCE to bring this to life). Unlike the one-layer insulation of a normal koozie, the Hopsulator is triple walled and more closely related to its ancestor the thermos. The inner wall keeps the cold in, the outer wall keeps outside heat out, and a unique copper layer in the middle keeps your drink even colder.

The Hopsulator is designed to hold a 16-ounce can, but comes with an adapter that slides into the bottom to accommodate a standard 12-ounce can. Now, while that is pretty cool (pun intended), what’s even cooler is the fact that the Hopsulator converts to an insulated cup that allows you to pour your favorite non-canned drink in and enjoy the cold. That’s the magic of the Hopsulator 3 in 1. It gives you three ways to keep your favorite drinks of any shape, size, or packaging icy cold. Although maybe they should call it the 4 in 1 because the Hopsulator can also be placed in the freezer and act like a frosty mug to cool the drink even further. If it kept drinks get any colder you’d need a stove to thaw them back out!

So, if you’re a fan of cold drinks, you’ll be a fan of the Hopsulator 3 in 1 from Brumate. Toss that old neoprene koozie and treat yourself to a scientific beverage cooling solution and don’t forget to treat your drinking buddy to one so that everyone gets a taste of that icy cold refreshment.

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