Breathtaking Day To Night Time-lapse Pictures Capture 24 Hours In One Image

Sometimes, there are very unusual people who create art in a wonderful and heart touching way, like the artwork that is inspired by the 24 hour cycle of our planet. What is in a day? Well, every city, town and place have different looks and moods at different times throughout the day; capturing this cycle with photography, this artist then re-creates the magical fleeting moments of humanity caught on film, and then compiles these together all at once to make art.

It is a little mind-boggling to see a cityscape or landmark in this way, and the way the artist comes up with these meaningful magic filled moment is by actually visiting these locations and taking 1500 images throughout the day. From there, the artist then chooses the best scenes and then includes these in the final picture.

It is definitely something different – a welcome twist of creativity, the ability to seemingly blend the ‘whole’ day’s happenings into a single photograph is a skill few possess.

Source – BoredPanda via StephenWilkes

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