Star Wars Vacation Art Prints Give A Relaxed View Far, Far Away

Darth Takes A Holiday In “STAR WARS On Vacation Art Prints” Exhibition

Artist Kyle Hagey gave a lot of thought to a question that he apparently found the STAR WARS Expanded Universe ineffective at answering: just what do the most gallant heroes and remorseless villains do when they aren’t clashing on battlegrounds across the galaxy?

You just haven’t seen Darth Vader until you’ve seen him enjoying a soothing cuppa amid of a field of wildflowers in bloom. Just look at him – any moment, you expect a singing, twirling Julie Andrews to appear behind him before getting herself Force-choked for horning in on his “Me”-time.

Elsewhere, Boba Fett is knitting what we can only assume is a dainty carrying pouch for spare thermal detonators. A battle droid is getting a very tropical chill on while recreating any number of phone-sex commercials. Meanwhile, Yoda is bidding a sunny day “Good Morning” somewhere that definitely is not Dagobah and C-3PO is just thinking about…you know, droid stuff.

Prints are now on sale at the KylesGallery Etsy store .


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