Baseball Mug With A Glove Is A Catch You Don’t Want To Miss

From the makers of the ever fun “Mug With a Hoop” comes the exciting Mug With a Glove. Inspired by a trip to the famous Fenway Park, this mug is a crowd favorite that is sure to please. Baseball fans of all ages will love tossing food into the mitt and watching it drop perfectly into the bowl. Although it didn’t win the Golden Glove Award, this glove is ready to snag anything you throw its way.

Crafted from dishwasher safe ceramic, the Mug With a Glove is built for convenience with durability in mind. You’ll be able to toss into the mitt for a long time knowing that it won’t break. The oversized baseball themed mug is great for drinks, soups, or cereal. A ceramic glove sticks up on top of the handle poised perfectly to make the grab. You can toss in marshmallows, crackers, or cereal into the glove on the back of the mug and watch it bounce right into your food. Able to hold 16 ounces, the Mug With a Glove is perfect to use as a bowl or a cup. Playing with you food has never been so fun!

This makes a unique, entertaining gift for the baseball fan in your life. Whether they are young or old they’ll enjoy getting the opportunity to play with their food in a whole new way.

As an added bonus the young creator of this unique mug, Max of Max’IS Creations, donates a portion of every purchase to help support those with learning disabilities. Enjoy making the highlight catch even more knowing that your purchase is helping those in need.

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