Peter Kogler Shatters Boundaries Of Depth Perception With Warped Real-World Environments

A few members of our Unique Hunters family grew up in the midwestern United States with a clever phrase that describes a certain kind of rare kindness: “I could tell you to go to Hell and you would enjoy the trip.”

A similar sentiment comes about as close as anything we could suggest to describe Austrian artist Peter Kogler’s transformations over the past 30 years of transit centers, lobbies, galleries, and other spaces into immersive hallucinatory journeys. When you walk past the walls, floors, and ceilings he dresses in repetitive optical illusions that defy your depth perception, you might just deposit your lunch on the floor with an episode of vertigo and insist on walking onward. His monochromatic patterns bend sanity by incorporating designs from simple pipes to snake-like tessellations and even armies of ants.

Check out Krogler’s website to dive into more images from his exhibitions earlier this year at the ING Art Center in Brussels and ERES-Stiftung in Munich that mesmerizingly skew personal space.

Source – This Is Colossal

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