Love Potion No. Wine Glass Is The Remedy Your Doctor Ordered

We can’t help losing track of our many love potions. Just how many amorous formulas does the world need, anyway? Not looking for “Mr. Right” so much as “Mr. Right Now?” If memory serves, that’s Love Potion No. 7 for you. Want your sweetie to forget you were eyeing the lovely lady lumps on that Hooters hostess the way a credit card solicitor sizes up a wide-eyed college freshman with no concept of interest? Love Potion No. 6 should do the trick. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way that Love Potion No. 8 was formulated to encourage adult pandas to mate in captivity and is patently unsafe for human consumption. Legally, we can’t disclose any more than that.

Now, Love Potion No. Wine? This delightful drinkware keeps that one simple. It takes but a sip of just the right vintage imbibed from this high-quality glass vessel to ignite a lifelong love affair with the glorious grape and even drown your latest romantic pratfall. No time to finish all 12 ounces of your vino? No problem. The handy cork stopper preserves your libation to take on the go for your next setting whence public intoxication is both societally frowned upon* and a personally preferable coping mechanism.

* – No, seriously. Drink responsibly. It’s one thing to smuggle a little Jesus juice into a movie theater or indulge discreetly at a Little League game. First off, however, don’t overdo it. More importantly, hand the car keys to someone else. Also, abide your local open-container laws.

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