Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug Holds Perfect Sipping Temperature Forever

Screw you, Old Man Winter. On behalf of the downright miraculously magical Ember Ceramic Mug, we simply have to ask: why are you the way that you are? We hate so much about the things you choose to be.

On the most frigid mornings of the year, we want little more than to relish a steaming beverage at its optimal cozy degree of warmth from the life-affirming first sip to the last rejuvenating drop. Why can you not let us have this one thing before breathing down our necks? Fortunately, Ember earned its place on Time’s 2017 Best Inventions list by utilizing internal core technology and an ingenious app to slap the frostbite off your lips and prevent your icy breath from chilling our cherished cuppa moments after we pour it.

To be perfectly accurate, this 10-ounce drinkware doesn’t even need the aforementioned software to mind the warmth of our invigorating beverages. That isn’t to say we somehow resent being notified when our coffee or tea has reached or preselected ideal temperature up to a molten 145 degrees Fahrenheit, saving and adjusting preset preferences for each individual drink or personalizing Ember with a preferred LED color. Heavens, no. Oddly enough, we simply might be equally impressed that our new favorite vessel of piping-hot satisfaction needs no plug or replaceable batteries to do its thing. Whether synched with a smart device or not, it melts that seasonal chill without a moment’s hesitation. Rather, Ember requires little more than a quick sit-down on the included wireless recharging coaster to get its second heated wind.

Just in case a standard Ember won’t do when you need to grab a cup of comfort and go, consider taking a look at the convenient travel mug. It might set you back double the price of the basic model – we’re talking $149.95 for the travel mug versus the usual $79.95 – but upgrade includes the ability to keep contents either hot or cold per your preference.

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