Bigfoot Salad Tongs Help You Catch That Elusive Salad With The Most Elusive Creature

Do you struggle with getting the salad out of the bowl? It seems like no matter how hard you try or how patient you are, the best you can do is get a few pieces of lettuce out? Forget trying to go specifically for a tomato or crouton. Well, just as elusive as that salad is everyone’s favorite hairy forest creature: bigfoot.

New from Ototo comes this unique addition to any kitchen. These Bigfoot salad tongs are over-sized to help you get a healthy portion of salad in one or two grabs. It is made from mysteries and 100% food safe BPA free plastic. Unlike some plastic kitchenware, the tongs are completely dishwasher safe for easy and effective cleaning after you’re done. The “hands” of the tongs make it easy to grab a small piece of food, but are wide enough to grab a large portion also. They are strong and durable so you don’t have to worry about them breaking after one use.

If you’re more of a yeti fan than Bigfoot, fear not. These fun tongs come in Bigfoot and yeti versions to fit any taste and match any kitchen. They make a great housewarming gift for an adventurous new homeowner or a great way to treat yourself. The tongs measure in at 11.9 inches x 3.8 inches so they are big enough to handle even a Bigfoot portion of food. Get your hands on this unique addition to your kitchen today before they disappear into the trees.


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