3D Zombie Archery Targets Build Precision Shooting While Prepping For The Real-Life Walking Dead

NetherDesigns, you get us. Specifically, your 3D Zombie Archery Targets leaves us with no doubt that you understand just why we steel ourselves for the undead apocalypse not with through range time pumping rounds through an AR-15, but becoming one with our inner Oliver Queen.

Or, to be a bit more on-the-nose, Daryl Dixon.

Yes, guns will almost always run up a bigger body count more efficiently, but a bow or crossbow in the right hands offers a practicality all its own. Hear us out while we break this down like a fraction, and you might just learn something.

For starters, sure, you could go to work on one of these impressively and horrifyingly detailed fully painted 28-inch-high targets with an Airsoft gun without rendering it useless. However, there’s a reason you rarely see firearm marksmen practicing with three-dimensional objects bigger than spinning tin plates, sporting clays, or bottles and cans: live ammunition would shred this weather-proof foam in no time at all. Not even remotely cost-effective.

Let’s face it, no amount of ammo pumped through a sheet of paper taped to a backstop can compare to the satisfaction of sinking an arrow into a torso with some actual lifelike depth. If you can zip a shot clean through the body or even one of the two interchangeable heads, you can be damn sure you’ll slice throw rotting walker flesh like a steak knife through a rare KC strip at the same distance.

Besides, these targets obviously mimic another perk of taking down zombies with a bow that Naughty Dog’s acclaimed PlayStation exclusive “The Last Of Us” nailed right to a “T”: once the bullets are gone, they’re gone; punch a neat hole through a shambling re-animated corpse with an arrow or crossbow bolt, and once you’ve confirmed the kill, you do our favorite outlaw Georgia redneck proud and retrieve your projectile to spill a little more blood later.

Pre-apocalypse, ammo is just plain pricey. Once the dead walk the earth again, it’s bound to become a priceless resource in no time. An arrow is the gift of death that keeps on giving.

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