3D Printed Customized Lego’s With Your Head Make Toys More Awesome

Everything could always be a little bit more awesome. And we do mean, EVERYTHING. For example, here’s our great question of the moment: why should we make an entire expansive and imaginative Lego universe for Batman, Gandalf and The Doctor to play in when we would just as soon plummet into all that high adventure ourselves?

Until today, we’ve always had to settle for crudely fashioning our own Lego figurine heads out of Play-Doh, raw meat and the odd hunk of human bone, but the only fun we ever get out of those adorable little avatars is giving our children, nieces and nephews good reason to never want to come over and play with our Legos again.

Get your own, little crumb-snatchers.

Fortunately, there’s now a much cooler and more artful solution: for the low price of about $29, anyone can proudly play the day away with a 3D-printed personal likeness to swap onto any Lego figurine under the sun. Etsy’s Funky 3D Faces will render a perfect sandstone-like miniature head from any two submitted photos. From there, you can pop it onto a Lego Minfig or even a Kre-O or Mega Bloks figure.

The whole process takes about five days, and when all is said and done, you can have the distinct pleasure of booting Frodo into the fires of Mount Doom and using the Ring to sneakily peek in on Wonder Woman.

What? WHAT?!

It’s fun to pretend.

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Source – Nerdist

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Your OWN 3D Printed Friggin' Head! Whats not to love?

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