3D Polygon Masks You Create From Recycled Materials

There is a great way to recycle any card stock you have that is fun and easy to do, such as making animal masks. Making your own masks from reclaimed card is simple, fun and environmentally friendly, all you need is a printer and the ability to follow easy directions.

There are ample templates available to choose from that are downloadable, such as a football helmet mask, owl mask, assorted dog masks, a devil mask and many, many more. Once assembled, these can be decorated and painted in countless ways to meet your specific needs. People involved in theatrical productions, school and church plays, or for corporate event entertainments will find these printable animal masks very useful.

The best part about these Wintercroft downloadable masks is that all the material you need are available within your reach, which eliminates the need to use new materials required for manufacture and shipping.

DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (17)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (1)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (2)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (3)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (4)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (5)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (6)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (7)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (8)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (9)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (10)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (11)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (12)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (13)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (14)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (15)DIY-3D-Polygon-Masks (16)

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