Zombie SWAT Weapons Softly Kill Zombies With Sound Effects

“Zombies are everywhere!” You see them in movies, in commercials, during parties, even in bars late at night, and they abound in the gaming industry. How did it happen? No one really knows, but the zombie craze is in full swing nationally and internationally. In fact, every kid knows what a zombie is, and, they know what to do when they see one!

There are many ways to kill a zombie, and kids like to role-play being a zombie, as they take turns imagining smashing, bonking and destroying each other. Well, instead of kids, teens, young adults and grandfathers using imaginary weapons to destroy imaginary zombies, now there is a company that makes real-looking fake weapons to kill the fake zombies. No matter which weapon you choose, be delighted with realistic sound effects as you strike, whack and cut up those imaginary zombies.

Factory Entertainment now offers their role-playing Zombie SWAT (Soft Weapon and Tactics) collection, which includes the Zombie Chainsaw, the Zombie Machete, the Zombie Butcher Knife, and the Zombie Nail-Studded Bat, all made with a spirit of fun and the love of killing zombies; great for the whole family.


Factory Entertainment Zombie SWAT MacheteFactory Entertainment Zombie SWAT Nail Studded BatFactory Entertainment Zombie SWAT ChainsawFactory Entertainment Zombie SWAT Butcher Knife

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Kill Zombies With Less Blood

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