Your Zombie Survival Strategy NEEDS This Gun!

Nerf have just unveiled their latest design: the awesome Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster.

Nerf of course are manufacturers of cool foam guns, enjoyed by kids the world over and this time they’ve outdone themselves. The Zombie Strike Doominator (wicked name by the way) looks very much like a modified M23 grenade launcher and features four revolving dart drums holding 24 darts. You’ll need all those bullets of course when you’re being hunted down by a pack of relentless zombies! You may have seen this same revolving drum technology in FlipFury handguns – toy guns sure have come a long way! An action lever quickly resets the next dart too which is similar to the SlingFire rifle.

The Doominator will be going on sale as of fall 2015 at most toy stores where it will retail for $39.99. This is one heck of a mean looking toy gun that offers you an ample supply of ammunition in a form factor that can be enjoyed by kids and big kids alike.

So what do you think? The perfect stocking filler for next year? Ideal for training for that impending zombie apocalypse? Or do you prefer your toy guns a little more subtle and stealthy?

Source –  Nerdist



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