Zombie Nativity Scene Brings Man Threat Of $500-Per-Day Fine From Town

Sycamore Township, Ohio has decided to go full-Michonne on a two-year-old Christmas tradition that just won’t die.

Figures, the guy under siege by his municipal government over a zombie-themed Nativity scene in his front yard would be named JASEN DIXON. Officials have given Dixon an ultimatum: either make the undead Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Three Wise Men scarce, or accrue a $500 fine for every day his yard resembles A Very Robert Kirkman Christmas.

Dixon has put the display the last two years, to his neighbors’ ongoing complaints, but this would be the first year the city has cited the “accessory structure” for violating zoning codes. The way he sees it, someone is grasping at straws because taking the exclamation “Zombie Jesus” for a ride seriously twists someone’s Snapple.

“It’s not hurting anything and it’s here not even for a month,” Dixon told local reporters.

Sycamore Township has yet to officially levy a fine over the display with Christmas just over two weeks away. Dixon isn’t sure the city will actually fine him, but reportedly hasn’t ruled out an appeal if he is actually expected to pay $500 per day to keep the tongue-in-cheek Nativity standing.



Source – BoingBoing

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