Ziiro Celeste Chrome Watch Captures the Essence of the Northern Lights in a Watch

What makes the world so majestic at times? Raining spiders? The flammable ice bubbles underneath Lake Abraham? What about volcanic lightning? If anything is truly beautiful in this world, it’s got to be the northern lights, also called the Aurora Borealis.The multicolored dancing lights are in reality collisions between charged particles from the sun entering our atmosphere. These brilliant lights are found at magnetic poles of the Northern and Southern hemispheres of our world, but you don’t have to travel miles just to see something cool.

Ziiro has taken inspiration from the naturally-occurring phenomenon and captured its essence in their Celeste Chrome Watch. Though it’s numberless, the innovative way to tell time isn’t hard to get used to. On the plus side, you’ll be complimenting your garb with a plethora of vivid colors.

ZIIIRO Celeste Chrome Watch (1)ZIIIRO Celeste Chrome Watch (2)ZIIIRO Celeste Chrome Watch (4)ZIIIRO Celeste Chrome Watch (5)ZIIIRO Celeste Chrome Watch (3)
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