Zerobody Waterless Alternative To A Sensory Deprivation Tank

Waterbeds are nothing new, although these are not as common or as popular as they used to be decades ago, they are a great way to relax, but do leave some feeling a little seasick.

Using waterbeds as a means to relax the muscles and to achieve deeper states of meditation has become very effective, especially using floating tanks that simulate weightless. However, not everyone feels comfortable getting undressed and then submerging into a sensory deprivation tank filled with salt water.

Zerobody is the waterless solution for those who feel uncomfortable or a bit claustrophobic inside such a tank. Basically, it’s the ideal alternative meditation tool to the water-based sensory deprivation tank, and it will similarly make you feel as if you are weightless. Also, because there is no water, the Zerobody can fit into any room or office as an effective way to relax or meditate when needed.

Starpool Zerobody Water Bed (1)Starpool Zerobody Water Bed (1)Starpool Zerobody Water Bed (6)Starpool Zerobody Water Bed (4)Starpool Zerobody Water Bed (3)

Source – Contemporist

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