ZappLight Is A Light And Bug Zapper In One That Lures, Zaps and Kills Insects

If you don’t like insects such as mosquitoes, gnats and other flying ‘things’, you are not alone. There is a huge industry dedicated to keeping bugs at bay from peoples’ homes, work places, restaurants and any place where they congregate. That is why bug lights are so popular, compared to chemical sprays and sticky pads, bugs lights are best for the environment and people, but not for insects and bugs.

The ZappLight also solves the big problem with having a bug light and regular lights on at the same time – energy is wasted. Not anymore, the new energy saving light uses only 1 watt for the bug zapper and 9 watts for the light, definitely an ‘enlightening’ idea that really works – combining a light and a bug zapper. ZappLight-Bug-Light-4ZappLight-Bug-Light-5ZappLight-Bug-Light-6ZappLight-Bug-Light-1ZappLight-Bug-Light-3

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Now you can see them get zapped

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