Zapata Ezfly Is The Segway Of The Skies

That’s right, you’re dreams are now a reality. Well, almost. Taking a look up at the sky in Texas this past October, you would sure think so. Test flights of the jet powered flying device seemed to be going smoothly with 10 some pilots getting a chance to pilot the craft. Although right now, the Zapata Ezfly is a private project with no reports of going on sale commercially, we might be getting a sneak peek in to the next hottest product in a few years.

Developed by a private team, the Green Goblin style hoverboard uses jet propulsion to lift the platform and the pilot off the ground. The extremely loud thrusters elevate the platform, but the science behind it has not been confirmed by its makers. The pilot then holds on to two grips that stick up from the platform he or she stands on. It appears that piloting the craft takes a good deal of core strength, but since multiple people were able to take it for a test drive, there may be some stabilizers built in to aid with flight.

Just to clarify, it is important to note that this flying vehicle has not been tested for safety yet not has it gotten approval for sale. Safety features are a big concern at this time, since traditional parachutes are essentially useless at the relatively low heights that the Zapata Ezfly sits at (about 100ft). Until a solution to that problem is found, there is no chance that it will get approval to be sold commercially. However, with countless scientists and possibly even the military showing interest in the craft, it won’t be long until one is found. Although you can’t mark your calendar for a release date yet, you’ll be seeing this vehicle zipping through the skies before long.


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