You’re So Hot Prank Puts Peoples Vanities In Their Place

We’ve nearly all experienced it: that rite of passage into true social awkwardness when you mistake some greeting, exclamation, or life-affirming flirtation for being directed at you, instead of someone else unassumingly positioned just “so” somewhere outside your line of sight. If you’ve never been that doofus taken down a peg in a conversational crossfire, congratulations. This walk-by public pranking spree by TheRoyalStampede will be an entirely fresh experience.

To be fair, the video may be tantalizingly titled “YOU ARE SO HOT” and sport a thumbnail of the lead prankster seemingly addressing two head-turning young ladies who appear pleasantly disarmed and charmed by something he said. We won’t spoil that particular vignette’s payoff, but the clever juxtaposition of the title with the thumbnail and its punchline lends just one more smirking layer to this ingenious series of gags.

Just remember, folks: it isn’t always about you.

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