You Are Probably Mispronouncing These 32 Place Names

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you were to discover that you’d been saying something completely wrong your entire life.

Well, hope you wouldn’t find it too embarrassing as the fact is that you’ve most likely been saying these 32 well-known places entirely wrong. You idiot.

In your defense though, that’s because everyone is saying them wrong. And we’ve just sort of accepted these pronunciations even though they aren’t correct.

Below you’ll find the 32 place names alongside the correct pronunciation written phonetically. Prepare to cringe…

And after that, how about checking out how to say the word ‘chorizo’. You might be surprised there too…

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Bangkok, Thailand
  3. Beijing, China
  4. Colorado
  5. Colombia, South America
  6. Carnegie Hall, New York
  7. Budapest
  8. Lafayette, Louisiana
  9. Mackinac Bridge, Michigan
  10. Iraq
  11. Dubai
  12. Louisville, Kentucky
  13. Brisbane, Australia
  14. La Jolla, California
  15. Helena, Montana
  16. Pakistan
  17. Reykjavik, Iceland
  18. Niger
  19. Kissimmee, Florida
  20. Thames River, UK
  21. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  22. Phuket, Thailand
  23. Norfolk, Virginia
  24. Tijuana
  25. Worcestershire, UK
  26. Qatar
  27. Spokane, Washington
  28. Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem
  29. Versailles, France
  30. Yosemite
  31. Worcester, Massachusetts
  32. Montreal, Canada

32 Places People Have Mispronounced Their Entire Life

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